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For the 86,400 seconds a day that matter.
Hidden Hills Watch Co. is a new luxury watch brand determined to change the way we live our lives. We believe life is not the sum of our smallest decisions, but instead the manifestation of our greatest dreams and ambitions. Every day, we are all given the same 86,400 seconds; billionaires, celebrities, activists, dreamers, and YOU also. It is how we use them that make the difference.

Hidden Hills Watch Generation 2 Black
86,400 Generation 2 Black Face
When you wear a Hidden Hills watch, you are making a commitment to yourself that no longer will you accept mediocrity. You will live for the extraordinary moments. When the plot suddenly changes and everything makes sense...when the paramedic saves the baby from a car crash and 40 years later that baby is a doctor that saves that same paramedic...the first gasp of air after holding your breath under water as long as you can. The moments that technology just can’t reach.

What could be more timeless than time. Invest in yourself by wearing a Hidden Hills watch. We all count the seconds, why not make the seconds count.

From Inspiration to Design & Aspiration

Hidden Hills Watch Company designs all watches in Canada and ships them to customers around the world directly from their headquarters. While the brand is Canadian, the true inspiration for the creation of the brand comes from the time that founder Philip Duffney spent wandering the hills of Los Angeles, California, USA. Inspired by the West Coast landscape, rolling hills, towering buildings and most important, seemingly endless lifestyles of the rich, famous and affluent... Duffney committed to building a brand that could carry that inspiration indefinitely.

A Hidden Hills watch is a symbol of dreams, motivation, aspiration and earned affluence. Make them wonder who you are, what you do and where you are going. Let your ambitions far exceed your talents.

checking watch los angeles

Our Mission

As a new luxury fashion watch brand our mission is the create an experience for our customers by providing exposure, opportunity and value through our products, reach and ideals.