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5-Year Global Warranty
Hidden Hills watches are produced to meet our highest standards. All watches are fully tested and inspected prior to shipping. We guarantee your watch will arrive without defect or a replacement will be provided. Beyond 7 days after receiving your Hidden Hills watch, we will guarantee your watch as per the terms of our 5-Year Global Warranty.

The 5-Year Global Warranty can be divided into two categories:

1. Structural (24 months)

Hidden Hills Watch Co. will guarantee the structural components of any watch produced for 24 months. This is limited to the case, crystals, links and clasp.

2. Mechanical (60 months)

Hidden Hills Watch Co. will guarantee the mechanical components of any watch produced for 60 months. This is limited to the movement box, date box, watch hands, adjustment knob and functional ability to keep time.

Additional Warranty Terms

Upon the expiration date of the warranty provided, any repairs or replacements will be subject to a service charge.

During the warranty coverage period, the watch may be returned to Hidden Hills and repaired or replaced within a reasonable period of time, at no additional expense. Hidden Hills is not responsible for shipping charges to process the repair or replacement.

To be eligible for the warranty, the watch must include an active valid serial number and proof of possession of the watch to be repaired or replaced AND the matching serial number tag, must be provided.

The 5-Year Global Warranty does NOT cover:

• Lost or stolen watches.
• Damages or defects due to fire, water or natural disaster
• Battery replacement
• Watches where the serial number tag is missing
• Cosmetic defects caused by normal wear and tear including but not limited to minor scratches of the case/wristband or crystal/glass
• Broken wristband pins due to stretching or improper removal attempts
• Any failure caused by carelessness, accidents or improper use such as dents, scrapes or broken glass.

To initiate a warranty claim, please contact